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Andrea Herron

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Lisa Rizzo


Breastfeeding Success through Understanding

Your Baby's Cues and Unique Temperament


Every day, thousands of mothers give up their natural gift to breastfeed their new baby long before doctors recommend, but it's not because they want to. In many cases, the baby is unsettled and the mother feels like she doesn't have "enough" to give. Now researchers are proving that it's not a widespread lack of milk that's plaguing new moms, rather a lack of understanding of what's normal behavior for the breastfed baby. This knowledge gap follows decades of formula and bottle-feeding dominance. Societal interference and misguided advice has the breastfeeding mother repeatedly misunderstanding the normal newborn and questioning her intuition. Finally, there is a book for those determined to breastfeed.


In SUCKLE, SLEEP, THRIVE: Breastfeeding Success through Understanding Your Baby’s Cues and Unique Temperament, renown Pediatric Nurse Practitioner & Infant Feeding Specialist Andrea Herron, R.N., M.N., I.B.C.L.C. prepares expectant mothers for the 10-week breastfeeding learning curve. She coaches how to establish breastfeeding in a manner that is comfortable, prevents injury, and brings in ample breastmilk. Then, she lays out a complimentary parenting plan, known as Baby Watching, that teaches parents how to read their baby's cues for everything from light sleep, to hunger, to fatigue. Through interactive graphics and real photographs, parents will learn their baby's unique temperament traits that will provide clues as to how their individual baby needs to be nurtured. With complete chapters on sleep, crying, challenges, and perceived insufficient milk supply, mothers will prevent a slew of problems that might cause them to give up their precious gift before they are ready, while helping their baby

thrive in the first year and beyond.


Infused with emotional stories from real mothers, chronicled by co-author and breastfeeding journalist Lisa Rizzo, SUCKLE, SLEEP, THRIVE is the key to reducing tears, promoting sleep, and powering motherly intuition everywhere.

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